September 26, 2022

The Zena Token ($ZENA) is Here and its Time to Migrate

The Zena Token ($ZENA) is Here and its Time to Migrate

Recently Zena and it's community marked a milestone with the launch of the Zena Token. Beginning September 17th, holders of $GDT are able to migrate to $ZENA. The migration period will continue over the coming weeks. For regulatory reasons, US or Canadian persons should not participate in the sale of $ZENA.

$ZENA serves as a multi-faceted, native utility token. While $ZENA will play multiple roles throughout the ecosystem, one primary function is as a currency to be used within Chainify.

The response from the community has been amazing. With the rebrand from Gorilla Diamond to Zena complete, and the migration process in full swing, the team is now focused on continued development of the Diamond Wallet and Chainify.

$GDT holders can migrate to $ZENA instantly and safely here.

If you have questions regarding migration, contact us using our support bubble on

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