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Frequently Asked Questions about Zena Inc.


What is Zena?

Zena is a technology-driven company powering next generation, web3 innovations built on cutting-edge, blockchain technologies.


What do I need for migration from GDT to Zena?

Before any swap can take place on any wallet (or online), the holder will need to make sure they have the sufficient amounts of BNB in their wallets. Switches typically require $1-$3 worth of BNB tokens to start, although this amount may change based upon market conditions and/or by request. This is a swap fee that Zena cannot control.


Will I be charged a fee to migrate?

No, you will not be charged any fee to migrate from GDT to Zena. As your tokens are swapped, the Zena contract will issue you Zena tokens equal to your current GDT holdings.


How do I migrate from GDT to Zena?

1. Make sure you have enough BNB in your wallet to cover the gas fees (approximately $5). This is standard for all transactions to be completed and not charged by Zena.2. Visit the migration page here: Connect your wallet, and click migrate!


What products has Zena launched?

The Zena ecosystem is a collection of products and services specializing in web3 connectivity, business intelligence, and commerce, all built on cutting-edge, blockchain technology. Zena has launched Rising Tokens, Crypto Merch, Diamond Wallet, and currently developing Chainify.