Our vision is to bring web3 to everyone.

As the leader in web3 innovations, Zena's mission is to deliver blockchain magic to everyone, everywhere.

The story and mission behind Zena Inc.

Our mission is to pave the growth of web3 adoption - this happens when the people feel confident to experience blockchain technology and developers are supported to build the future of web3.

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The values & motto that drive everything we do

We're an open company, with no BS.

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Developing with the latest blockchain technologies.

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Clear and open communication.

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The essence of web3.

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Community driven

We're building together.

The story of Zena since the beginning

We've come a long way!

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Launched Rising Tokens

RisingTokens.com makes it easy for crypto projects to be discovered and empowers investors with accurate, unbiased information.

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Launched Crypto Merch

Where crypto fans can shop high-quality, unique, crypto-themed merchandise that can be purchase with cryptocurrency.

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Launched Diamond Wallet Web App

An industry first feature where people can purchase any token on PancakeSwap with a credit card easily, securely, and instantly.

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Developing Chainify

Currently under development, Chainify is a creator marketplace being built with web3 connectivity, and blockchain transparency,